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A year of gratitude – Week 5 – My job

My current job is one I never thought I’d have. I am currently a stay at home mama. I have been a stay at home mum for exactly one year.

I was always (and in my heart, still am) a career person. I loved my job in science communications. I loved the rush of it all. Some days were absolutely chaotic. Media enquiries, ministerial correspondence, disasters every time the weather turned. Twenty minutes to provide a corporate response. I loved it.

Then, to cut a long story short, after thinking I would never have kids, I found out I was having twins. Of course it had to happen to me. Then the twins decided to arrive early. So literally, on Wednesday I am working back late to finish some work, and on Thursday morning I have twin babies. And I am on maternity leave, which then becomes permanent leave because how on earth do you go back to a 9-5 job when you have two little humans who need you around the clock?

So I am a mama to two baby girls who turn one tomorrow (9.5 months corrected age because they came early). It is more challenging and way more chaotic than my last job. I am busier than I have ever been. It is also more rewarding than any job I could imagine having.

The universe works in mysterious ways. I am so very blessed.

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