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A year of gratitude – Week 6 – A meal I’ve cooked for others

Firstly, whoops! Last week I jumped ahead to Week 7 instead of posting about Week 6’s gratitude challenge. I’ve been so busy lately, my head is all over the place. A good reminder to stop and breathe!

This week’s challenge is about a meal I’ve cooked for others. I frequently cook for my family but honestly, my style of cooking is very different compared to how my immediate family cooks. I am all about keeping it simple and healthy(ish). To me, a good meal is one that is quick with minimal fuss involved.

Honestly, I used to be amazed when I watched cooking programs on tv. I didn’t understand why so much effort (time, resources and money) goes into making one meal for people. Who even has time to spend hours in the kitchen these days!?

I admit that this mindset has changed for me recently, as my babies have started to eat real person food. Cooking for them involves careful planning, ensuring different colours, textures and shapes are presented, and working out quantities of protein versus vegetables versus fruits. But the most important thing is variety!

Babies are smart. They are also fussy. They know when they’ve had something before. They know what they like and what they don’t like. What they didn’t like today, they might like next week. And vice versa. They don’t want puree or to be fed from a spoon. They want to feed themselves.

Because I have probably 7 meals I cook on rotation, I’ve had to really take the time to learn to cook for babies. The best thing I ever bought was a recipe book with meals for babies that can also be eaten by adults. Best. Thing. Ever.

Mealtime at my place is now so vibrant, full of laughter and mess and tasty, tasty food. I am really enjoying creating meals that I never normally would have.

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