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A year of gratitude – Week 10 – My workmates

Since I first joined the rat race, I am one of those people who has changed jobs every two years or so.

From my experience, it has been difficult staying put in a job when you have learned all you can it, and when you can’t see how you’re going to climb the ranks when there are dozens of people just like you. Also, when you are tired of some of the personalities around you and you crave change on every level. There comes a point when you yearn for … more.

I have been very fortunate in my career to have had some amazing jobs and worked with some incredible people. As I reflect now, I remember those wonderful souls with a smile. Just thinking of them is a balm for my soul.

I don’t have any current workmates, however I would like to mention three bright souls that particularly stand out for me.

Jules, from my first proper job out of university. Our work was in the outdoors, collecting data about the environment. We hauled heavy gas cylinders over rugged terrain and hills. We rode in helicopters and four wheel drive cars. We stood in rivers all day in leaky waders. We chased cows away from expensive monitoring equipment. We were the A team! Jules made me feel like she couldn’t work without me, even though I was so junior and my mistakes probably caused her a lot of stress in the early days. We worked together so well and formed a strong bond. She taught me the meaning of perseverance, working hard, doing a job well, and most importantly, not taking any crap from anyone. She was exactly who I needed in my life at that time. A real feminist who laughed at anyone who said women couldn’t do a man’s job.

Russ, the ex plumber who traded in his blue collar job for a white collar desk job. Wicked sense of humour, loving family man, sci fi geek, motorcycle fanatic. We helped each other get through a job that was mentally unfulfilling but paid the bills. Found ways to make the job ‘ours’. A wonderful person that I am proud to call friend, even though we last worked together ten years ago.

Mandy, the recent divorcee who had her heart broken by a cheating ex spouse. Geeky tech lady who got things done in her own unique way. You could hear her before you could see her, very blunt, extremely loyal, very funny. Never ever cared an iota what people thought about her. Another strong woman that I am proud to call friend.

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