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A year of gratitude – Week 12 – A creative piece of work I’ve done

This week I’d like to pay tribute to my creative work, which is making jewellery inspired by my studies of yoga.

The main reason I became interested in making jewellery is because I was frankly outraged at the prices that some of the trendy boho companies got away with charging. They were creating pieces that were beautiful, purported to help people in some spiritual or motivational way or other, and then charged an arm and a leg (shipping not included). Their marketing is outstanding, but the quality isn’t always there to justify the price.

I wanted to design and create my own pieces, with the intention that my jewellery would inspire or help others, and keep it affordable.

I need an outlet for all the creative stuff in my head (and heart). My joy is sharing this with others without the desire to strike it rich.

So, watch this space. I am busily designing new pieces whenever the inspiration hits and I’ll post updates here as soon as I’ve got some finished sets.

In the meantime, please check out the weekly gratitude challenge and start the first week any time!

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