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A year of gratitude – Week 16 – A thoughtful gift you’ve received

Ah, I’ve finally caught up on my weekly gratitude posts based on the yearly gratitude challenge!

Let’s be honest. Practising mindfulness takes a lot of work and a committed attitude. A dedicated weekly blog post on gratitude is one way I try to keep it going, but even then it’s easy to let it slip when you’ve had a tough week.

This week’s post is about a thoughtful gift I’ve received. I am lucky to have so many people in my immediate circle who are masters of giving thoughtfully, so I have many examples in mind. But I have one that stands out especially.

Last Christmas was the first Christmas I celebrated in my new home on the other side of Australia, away from most of my family and all of my friends. I left a job I loved. I was buried in mum life, the routine of looking after 8 month old twin babies. But I was also excited at the change and the newness of it all. The future and all the potential. The twins’ first Christmas.

My mum was celebrating Christmas with us. After being made redundant at her work, she got sick and spent the year undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. It was a tough year for her, and for us, but things were looking really good for her and I was happy to have her with us.

At our Christmas celebration, I found a small wrapped present under the tree addressed to me, from ‘Santa’. It was a small lamp that lights up the words, ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’. I was so thrilled with this gift, it was exactly what my soul needed after feeling so isolated the past couple of months.

My mum admitted it was from her, and she apologised that it was such a small thing. I don’t know why she felt the need to apologise. It was the best present because it was exactly what I needed, and I told her so.

I feel so grateful for gifts like this that resonate with who we are, what we seek.

And I am so very grateful for my mother’s health. She is in full remission.

Credit: Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash


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