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A year of gratitude – Week 21 – A kind deed I did for someone

I am a big believer in unselfishly helping others to get ahead in the workplace. You might be surprised at how often this is not the case for other people.

I’ve come across many people who decide it’s not in their best interest to support someone else’s efforts to advance in an organisation. Perhaps that person is a threat to their own advancement, or perhaps they simply do not like them. Understandable reasons, I suppose.

I remember way back when, in the very early days after I’d graduated from university. It was about this time that I lamented about not being very academic and not having enough work experience to help me secure a proper job in science. I was miserably stuck in a retail job that I was completely sick of and I felt trapped.

I’d applied for dozens and dozens of jobs and had rarely heard so much as a ‘thanks but no thanks’ to show for it.

Some months down the track, one of my retail workmates, who had studied a similar degree as me and had found a job very quickly, came to visit me at work. She was so happy in life at that time, but I couldn’t share her happiness because I felt to sad about my own dire situation.

However it wasn’t long before things turned around for me. She said that there was a job available at her place of work, and if I was interested she’d put in a good word for me and send me some details.

I met up with her boss and after what was one of the easiest interviews of all time, I got a job in the team. My life in science was finally beginning, almost a year after graduating university.

It taught me that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Yes, that famous quote that we all know and hate.

Soon there was another role available in the team so I reached out to my old uni mates, many of whom were also struggling to break in to the industry. One was interested and I helped him get the job. In turn, he helped a friend of his get a job there too.

It’s been a long time since that first job of mine out of university, but I have never forgotten the kindness shown to me by a friend. That job was life changing and it opened up so many doors further down the path. I’ve never forgotten the difference it made in my life then.

To this day I continue to help others progress or advance, and I actively encourage my workmates to embrace all the possibilities available to them. Sometimes all someone needs is support to give them the confidence they need to make change in their lives.

You got this! You can do it!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
– Aesop

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