A year of gratitude – Week 23 – An unexpected meeting

This post is a little bittersweet. I am grateful that we bumped into her that day because it taught me to be careful about how I treat others, especially those who I might not particularly like very much. There are a lot of socially dense people out there who wouldn't notice an eye roll, a cringe, a sigh. But I think most people would pick up on this kind of thing. I know I would, and I know she did that day.

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A year of gratitude – Week 22 – A musician

How can I pick just one? One musician has a voice and stage presence are impossible to replicate. It was like he could draw up creative energy from his very being, like a vortex, and express it through his voice. Another musician, a humble, creative genius with a musical soul and a soulful voice. An innate ability to tell a story with songs that endure over time.

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A year of gratitude – Week 18 – Something I’m good at

I'm OK at a lot of things. I can do a lot of stuff that would get a 'pass' mark. Most of it would be an average score, though, and not exceptional. There are lots of things I love doing, but I don't think you can be good at them. Like reading. Can you be a good reader? Can you be a good leisurely walker? A good bird feeder? A good music listener? A good sunrise watcher? 

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A year of gratitude – Week 15 – What I did last Saturday

I moved to my current neighbourhood last October, and joined all the local community groups on Facebook I could find. A great way to keep up to date on local trades and events. A couple of weeks ago, a lady posted an invitation to a psychic workshop. Small group only, open up your intuition, throat chakra healing, and some practical hands on stuff. Something compelled me to go to this workshop, so I went.